Directorate of Students’ Affairs (DSA)

The Directorate of Students’ Affairs was established in May 2004.
The Directorate is headed byDirector Students'Affairs (DSA)who is
assisted by Deputy Directors Student Affairs, Director Sports,
Wardens of Hostels and a Medical Officer. A sub-office of Deputy
Director Student's Affairs has been established at City campus. The
office operates under the guidance of the respective DSA. The
Directorate offers various services to the students including
admissions, welfare, sports, health care, career counseling,
guidance, scholarships, financial aid and hostel accommodation.


Muzaffarabad Campus houses purposefully erected one cafeteria at the city campus that caters to the needs of students. There is a cafeteria at Chehla Campus as well. These have ample space to organize student functions. University makes it sure that the food items served at cafeterias are fresh, nutritious as well as economical.

Health Care

Health care is considered most important both for students and employees of the University. The University has hired the services of a medical specialist for each campus to provide basic medical facilities to students and employees. To establish Health Care Centre with qualified doctors and paramedical staff at each campus is planned to look after the health of on campus students and the employees.


Each campus has mosque and prayer facility for students and employees of the university.

Dinning Halls

There is a messing facility in each hostel of the University. Hostel mess is managed by a Mess Committee, consisting of the Warden as Chairman; and three to five representatives of the residents elected monthly/quarterly in such a manner as may be determined by the Warden. The Mess Committee elects a student as its Secretary. The Warden also acts as Treasurer. The Mess Committee is responsible to cater for goodmeals to their residents.
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Directorate of Student's Affairs



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